Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What an awesome week...a B-day to remember!!!

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So this week was a pretty good week.(Thanks to Crystal and My Family) Going into it though, I really wasn't feeling it. But then again, who if any, looks forward to another birthday? I have to say, I am really glad how this year is turning out. I am also very blessed to have completed another year of life, and that alone is good enough for me. My health is good, my spirits are high, and the future is bright. On Tuesday I went out for a run and the day couldn't have been better...the weather was absolutely gorgeous!!
These may make you Dizzy!
It's not so easy to run while recording!

here's the last one...These videos don't do the climbing any justice! But I did get better at recording while running!! Although, I did almost eat shit a couple times...

Can u see the bird in the image? Damn thing was fucking trying to eat me! This was a lot of fun. Running here and climbing the mountain that is off in the distance are two of the things that I love doing in Chula Vista. If anyone who happens to read this ever whats to head out there with me, just drop me a line! (crystal didn't like this picture of her)

Later that evening Crystal and I went out for Sushi. U know, when I first met her she said she didn't like it, now shes addicted to it!! This was an awesome way to cap off an excellent Birthday. I had agreed to have a family dinner celebration on Sunday evening, since a weekday gathering was tough to make for some of my family members. We then finished the evening with a small cheesecake with my folks!! I love this stuff, so I did indulge in a big slice. Yesterday, we got together for the family dinner and it was really great to spend time with the entire family. All 23 of them!! You know, as I get older these types of gatherings take on a greater

meaning. I value them so much more, because they are the important moments that one should cherish. You never know if this will be your last. And finally, Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes on really made my day!!!



Crystal said...

Glad you enjoyed your b-day babycakes...I love you!!

alfie said...

thanks babe!!!