Thursday, June 4, 2009

San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon 09

So this past Sunday was the San Diego Rock'n Roll Marathon and I was supposed to participate...but never got around to actually registering, which was a good thing. I wouldn't have been able run it even if I wanted to. Due to hurting the o'l back. I wonder if I had registered if I woulda been able to get a refund? Probably not...they always find ways to fuck you over with your registration fees. Anyways, I went and I had a complete blast. My primary role on Sunday was as "domestique" to my girlfriend Crystal. I actually ended up riding the entire course, and then some, in my efforts to be Crystal's one-man support crew. I carried everything that she needed: gels,fuel bars, Gatorade, h2o, her extra layers just in case, oh...and my amazing humor that seemed to work great the first few miles but slowly fizzled away as the miles began to pile on!
As the video shows, I was hustling the first few miles from several point to point "pre-determined" rendezvous spots, it wasn't until we hit the 163 that I was able to cruise along w/ crystal the rest of the race. (if your wondering why I'm not wearing a helmet and what I'm actually saying in the video: 1) I forgot it @ home. 2) something along the lines of "cool I'm in downtown on my bike w/ no traffic!!) This was so much fun. Hats off to everyone who completed the respects to all those who finished. Running 26.2 miles is easier said than done!!! I am particularly proud of Crystal because she had to overcome quite a few barriers in preparation for this race. And even though she had injuries that forced her off her feet early on in her training and then having to put aside her training completely to help me out when I needed her. Yet, she was still able to get out there on one months training and grind out the miles for a good cause!! I'm so impressed and proud of her!(I'll post a link to her blog once she writes her race report) I was so motivated by this that I will definitely be back next year to compete...well I wont be competing for first but I'll be out there for sure!! Here is a little foto montage of how my day went down!! Enjoy.