Monday, November 1, 2010

Engine 2 Diet Challenge: 28 days to a better me!

So, for the last six days I have been following the Engine 2 Diet. It is basically an all plant based diet. And the truth is that I feel fantastic. I was a bit concerned at first because I figured that I wouldn't be able to follow through with it but, to my surprise, I have actually been adapting quite well. The first 3 days were a bit rough and the fact that I was battling a sever cold didn't help much either. I am really glad that I decided to do this because I was starting to feel like shit, probably because I was eating like shit! Everyone who knows me knows that even though I tend to do lots of physical activity I don't really watch what I eat. It has always been an issue for me....a serious one. I have always felt as if I have taken one step forward (with my fitness) and three steps back with my nutrition. So the decision to make some drastic changes with regards to my eating habits couldn't have come at a better time. Something had to change...
Several people have inquired about this diet and what it consist of. It's really quite simple: No meat, dairy products, and processed foods. check out the link if u want to get a better idea of what its all about. I had actually seen the book at work a while back and kind of thumbed through it but totally disregarded it for another useless fad diet. Then a couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog and its author was about to take on the same challenge and I clicked the link to the website and was inspired to do the same. So for the next four weeks I will be eating a plant powered diet!! I will start posting all the things I eat and all the workouts that I'll be doing if your interested in following...I'm gonna need all the support I can get!