Monday, April 27, 2009

Green means go!!!!

Well, It's official...I can go back to work! Doc has cleared me for a complete unrestricted return. This is good news, cause it means I am getting better and my recovery is working as planned. I must admit that I'm a bit nervous about it, but so glad to resume my daily activities. There are a lot of mixed emotions though, but I now feel like I can "dare to dream" again...which wasn't the case before because of the uncertainty of my predicament. So this blog will once again, I hope, resume it's role as my journal that chronicles my outdoor adventures, as it was intended to.

"Face your Fears, Live your Dreams"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This week so far....

I have had two consecutive chiropractic sessions this week so far and they were not exactly what I expected. They were cool...but, I don't think they are going to help me much in my recovery...wait, let me restate that...they will help me out, just not at this moment. Because of my limited range of motion many realignment techniques that I would've hoped the chiropractor would perform are just out of the question. So I will continue on with my own recovery plan that I have set up for myself. This plan is intended to "rebuild" my back. I need to develop better habits that promote proper posture while incorporating an exercise regimen that focus on strengthening my core. Thus, reducing the probability of injuring myself again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 4/19/2009...Dia de Classicos...Lastima que haya quedado fuera "La Maquina".

It is Sunday and it has been a little over a week since I injured my back. Lots of progress has been made in recovering, but a full recovery is probably several weeks away...I have begun to rehabilitate and "rebuild" my back with several stretching and and strengthening exercises, mainly yoga and core strengthening exercises. I am so stoked to be able to get on the trainer and spin for ~45Min's at a time with little to no pain and swim as well!! These are going to be my main forms of cardio since running at this moment isn't in the recovery plan, because I need to focus on low impact exercises. I made the decision to stop taking all my prescribed medications as of last Friday, for several reasons...mainly because I just did not like how they were making me feel. They did an excellent job of numbing me up, but they were fucking with my concentration and making me forget shit. Plus, I'm going to make an attempt to return to work...I need to to go back! I already lost this semester which is a complete bummer cause I was really digging my classes.
I'll be fine...I have always thought the answers to everything in ones life lie directly in your own hands. You never really need to look much further...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One week down. Bring on the next one!!!!

It has been a week since my medical ordeal and some major progress has been made. Progress that few thought possible...myself included. And fortunately every thing is pointing towards a full recovery. I know I need to do this as quickly and as safely as possible, patience has never been a virtue of mine, but I have had to learn to cope and learn quickly. I am now able to walk unassisted, which is fricken awesome!!! I'm not going very far but its much better than before when even the slightest steps were excruciating. Hey, we gotta crawl before we can run right? Not that I'll be doing any running soon...or will I? (note. That's not my X ray, just used it to illustrate the lumbar region where my injury was sustained)
Um...this isn't my x ray either...or is it? lol

Monday, April 13, 2009

redeeming virtuous circles from vicious cycles...

Last week something happened. Something that was unfortunate and so unexpected. It is a bit to early to write about it because my mind is still hazy and my thoughts are equally blurred. So I'll put some images of how I feel and will attempt to write about it in the days to come. I am fine and I know I will make a full recovery. I am blessed to have such an extraordinary family and a equally phenomenal woman who has helped me in ways I never thought possible. Gracias Crystal, Te AMO!!!