Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 4/19/2009...Dia de Classicos...Lastima que haya quedado fuera "La Maquina".

It is Sunday and it has been a little over a week since I injured my back. Lots of progress has been made in recovering, but a full recovery is probably several weeks away...I have begun to rehabilitate and "rebuild" my back with several stretching and and strengthening exercises, mainly yoga and core strengthening exercises. I am so stoked to be able to get on the trainer and spin for ~45Min's at a time with little to no pain and swim as well!! These are going to be my main forms of cardio since running at this moment isn't in the recovery plan, because I need to focus on low impact exercises. I made the decision to stop taking all my prescribed medications as of last Friday, for several reasons...mainly because I just did not like how they were making me feel. They did an excellent job of numbing me up, but they were fucking with my concentration and making me forget shit. Plus, I'm going to make an attempt to return to work...I need to to go back! I already lost this semester which is a complete bummer cause I was really digging my classes.
I'll be fine...I have always thought the answers to everything in ones life lie directly in your own hands. You never really need to look much further...

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