Thursday, July 2, 2009

disappointing performance from the Mexican futbol squad

This Past Sunday my brother invited a group of us to watch the Mexican National team square off against Guatemala at Qualcom stadium. WOW...this game sucked!!! It was so sad to see these pro players not give a shit about representing the national team. One would think that they would at least be filled with pride for getting the opportunity to play for their country, but that apparently was not the case. The game ended in a lackluster 0-0 tie, which would a have been okay if the game was the least bit exciting.
I will say one thing though, my bro did get us some bitch'n seats!! (left-right: Pops, Me, Big J.C., and my brother Jose. Oh, and Jesus took the picture. Not that Jesus...hahahaha)
I think I was having more fun watching the drunkards getting into fisticuffs, then the actual game itself!(you gotta love drunk Mexicans) This is one of the biggest reasons why I'd rather watch sporting events in the comfort of my own home, they're way too many knuckleheads out their!! All in all I had a good time shooting the breeze with the guys, and the burgers we ate after the game were amazing! I really hope that Mexico gets their shit together, otherwise they sure as hell won't be going to the World Cup next year. Julio sums it up quite nicely in this short clip!! Hmmm...I wonder what Crystal was doing while I was at the game?