Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, I have made some good gains thus far in terms of training. My volume has increased substantially and my body has absorbed and assimilated well. I am sticking to the training plan that I am have created for myself and I'm finding that training load is really working. Today I did the first test of my fitness...and the results are encouraging! The test consist of a 4.8 mile loop with some climbing, ~800+ft elevation gain in the first two miles. The first time I did this run it took me 1hr 15min, today I completed the same loop in 58min. At the end of the run I wasn't tired or winded...I felt good. Strong. I felt as if I could have gone for a second loop. So...on the training front things are good. Now I am really going to single in on my nutrition. Since I started training, I started on Jan.1, I weighed in at a whopping 179 lbs. I have since lost 9 lbs without really changing my eating/drinking (I LOVE BEER) habits. The high volume of training has help out, but I haven't really put that much of a dent on the extra poundage that I'm hauling around. I hope to shed an extra 12-15 pounds before my first race. OK...that's it for now.


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