Friday, March 27, 2009

TCSD March Club Race Recap...

So how did it go at the Race on Saturday? Well...I Finished. I was looking for an image that would suit this post, all I could think of was an image of a turtle! Don't get me wrong, Saturday's Race was so much fun and I had an absolute blast out there. It was very well organized and they had an amazing spread at the much so that I went back for seconds!!! Did I mention it was all FREE!!! TCSD ROCKS!!! I'm so glad I finally joined.(Thanks Crystal 4 the X-mas gift) Anyways, as far as the race goes here is how it went down: I ended up going to bed really late, I just couldn't sleep I must have finally gotten to bed at around 12:45 only to wake up at 5:15. I got to fiesta island at about 6:10, checked in, set up my transition area. I really had to use the restroom so jogged to a port-a-poti that was up the road(what a relief). So then they gave the pre-race briefing, but a lot of folks were already down at the swim start, and they probably did not hear that we would be doing 5 loops on the bike as opposed to the 4 that was indicated on the website.
Then we were off, the swim went smoothly. I got into a comfortably slow pace and ended up getting out towards the back, I really didn't care though, I know I'd catch and pass folks on the bike. When I exited the water I was really dizzy, as I jogged to T1 I had to stop and make sure I didn't vomit. I waited a bit, slipped off the wetsuit, dried off, grabbed my bike and I was off. I got into a smooth pace ~20-22mph and I started to gain some ground passed a few folks, even lapped a couple! But, for some reason when I went out for the last lap #5, not too many folks were on the bike course(they only did 4 laps). So T2 went a bit better, once on the run I got into a comfortable groove, managed to find a fellow racer who was running at my pace, so we strolled along together, until she had to use the restroom. I continued on and after my first lap, then BAM I really had to go myself!! I must have been in there for a good 8 minutes. When I got out I could see my running partner about half a mile up the road, so I upped the pace and passed her she ended up finishing 2min back form me. I crossed the line with a time of 1:48. I felt good!! Glad to have gone out there!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice!! Next one will be quicker!! Keep at it!