Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the Games Begin!!!!

So this weekend will be my first "race" of the season. Have I been training...well not exactly. I had hoped that I would be doing more XTERRA racing, but that isn't going to happen for various reasons. But I'm very happy that I can still do plenty of racing locally. So I will try my luck at on-road triathlons this year. I will do most if not all of the TCSD club races along with some others. I am not going out there to push it on Saturday(shit, I wont even venture to predict how I'll do) To be totally honest I don't know what 2 expect, I'm not even sure what the run and bike distances are for the race(all i know is there will be an 800m swim). I'm just happy that I'm healthy and can get out there to mix it up!!! I just need a good indication of where I'm at, so I can begin to train with a little more focus and hopefully as the season progresses I can start to improve on my times!! The goal is to break one hour at the IB triathlon which will be on August 23.(last year's time 1:18)Which Is totally doable!!! I'll try to get some images for the race report...i wont take a month to write about it this time!

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Eileen Swanson said...

Cool blog! I'm sure you'll hit your goal time of an hour ;-)