Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crystal's 25th Birthday!!!

Well, today crystal turned 25 and we celebrated by going to dinner...Cheesecake Factory... and we had a blast!! Good food, good conversation, and good times!!! The funny thing is that the whole b-day thing is new to her (long story, I'll just say she grew up a Jehovah's witness) and sometimes I'm not really sure what shes expecting. I guess it has to do with my personal view of these yearly celebrations...I always found them depressing...I guess i still do.
Here She is holding sum flowers I got her and I sincerely think she was surprised to have received them form me. I'm not the most romantic bloke in the world!!!
My parents were also very kind to have purchased her a cake...which was quite delicious. I hope to someday throw her a bash she won't forget. Because she deserves it...she is truly amazing to me and I am so lucky she walked into the Library that faithful day...Happy Birthday Babycakes!!!! I love you.


Michelle said...

She really is wonderful :) Hope you two are doing well.

MOlly said...

Crystal is better than wonderful! She is the bestest most wonderfulest Crystal ever! Those were beautiful flowers. Girls like things like that...well, some girls do. Let's throw her a huge surprise party and will knock her socks off!