Monday, December 1, 2008

How the story Begins...getting to Lake Tahoe

Okay, I am finally going to post something about my trip to Lake Tahoe. We ended up leaving on a Monday about 5am, wait...we woke up at five but we hadn't loaded the car. After loading and eating breakfast we were probably on the road at about 8am...ugh!!! But we weren't in any hurry. We were aware of the long trip ahead of us...and boy was it long!!!! After about 2 and half hours of driving Crystal had had enough of driving and I was tried of trying to keep her awake, so we made a pit stop and we swapped spots. After I took the wheel everyone feel asleep. My niece and nephew (Giselle & Danny)came along for the trip...we left a few days early...the rest of the family was meeting us up there on Wednesday. The weather was fine at first, then the skies darkened and it was pouring!! But there weren't too many people on the road. The 395 is pretty scenic and there are so many places I want to stop and dedicate more time to (IE. Yosemite,Mammoth lakes,etc.)but that will have to wait. When we finally arrived, 10 hours later, we were exhausted and everyone was a bit cranky...OK, I was the only one who was cranky...but I was just sick and tired of driving!!!! We checked into our hotel and had some huge burritos from Sanchos and crashed out. We awoke to some awesome conditions...clear skies and warm. We had breakfast at the lake which was across the street from our hotel and we tested the waters (frick'n cold!)After that we headed to Carson city to get me some running shoes, since I had forgotten mine at home. The rest of the day we spent sightseeing and we did a training run. I was there for the Xterra Nevada triathlon, Crystal did the 10k and Giselle & Danny completed the 5k. At the end of the first day we headed back to the beach in front of the hotel and the winds had kicked up! Lake Tahoe can get quite rough! I hope the the picture slideshow adds some substance to these words, but I'll get to the rest of the story later. Stay tuned!!!

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